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Which Stand Up Paddle(SUP) Board Should You Get?

A Guide to Buying Your Next SUP.

Are you thinking of getting yourself an inflatable SUP Board this summer? Unsure about which board is right for you? Maybe you’re thinking of getting one for the whole family? Or are you a more experienced paddler and wondering which would be best for your skill level? There’s always the right and perfect board for you! In this article, we’ll help you with choosing the SUP board that is best for you!

SUP Sizes


The length of a board affects how the SUP board handles.

A shorter board that is less than 10’ is more maneuverable; ideal for surfing, or for smaller-sized people.

Medium length boards (10’ to 12’) are great all-round boards and have a nice balance of stability and maneuverability.

Longer boards (12’ above) are ideal for fast-paddling as well as long-distance touring. They track straighter, this means less paddle strokes and therefore less fatigue when paddling longer distances.



SUP Boards that are wider in size are a lot more stable, but bear in mind that a wider board also means that they are slower, and a bit more difficult to paddle (requires more strength)  if the board is too wide for you.

Narrow boards are faster and glide easier, but require more balance as it might be a little tippy at first and takes a while to get comfortable and find your stride, especially if you’re just starting out. 


Skill Levels


If you’re looking for your very first board, an all-round board is the best choice for beginners as it offers the most stability and easiest to manoeuver. Boards that are wider in size are a lot more stable, but bear in mind that a wider board also means that they are slower, and a bit more difficult to paddle (requires more strength)  if the board is too wide for you.


Experienced paddlers

If you’ve already paddled a lot before, a narrower and faster SUP might suit you best. The sport/performance boards are ideal for paddlers who want to up their paddling game - perfect to progress onto from an all-round, beginner board. These boards will give you speed and performance.

SUP Board Types

All-round board

All round boards let you paddle in a variety of locations and handle whatever you throw at it. 

They're great for beginners, and very adaptable. So you can catch some waves on it, or just paddle on flat water. All round boards that we have are:


Touring board

Want to paddle faster and further for longer? Or looking to level up from a current all round beginner board and want more speed? Touring boards are longer and sleeker, so they’ll give you maximum glide across the water. Some touring boards are designed to be loaded up with gear in their extensive front and rear cargo areas which secure your kit with bungee straps, these boards can also easily handle a child or dog on the front whilst you paddle.

 Touring Boards that we have are:


For the Family

If you’re thinking of getting a board for the family including kid’s and furry friends, consider a wider all-round board like the Ride 10’8”, which can carry the extra weight of a child or a dog sitting at the front.



Longer journeys, more belongings and gear

If you’re planning to go on longer paddling journeys and have tons of gear to bring with you, like an island or beach hopping picnic day for example, where you’d need plenty of space for your cooler bag, gear and bags, a board like Red Paddles’ Voyager 12’6” or Stand on Liquid’s Atlantic is what you’re looking for. Also a good choice for families as there's extra room at the front of the board for kids and dogs.


For travelers

Are you planning to take your board while you are traveling overseas? Or are you anticipating a hike to the beach where you'll be paddling? Maybe you just want a more convenient and lightweight board that you can take with you anywhere? Luckily, there is a board for all those situations. Red Paddle’s Compact range has the most transportable SUP boards on the planet. Lightweight and folding down to half the size of a conventional inflatable paddle board.


SUP Specialty Boards

Aside from the all-round, sport and touring boards, there are a couple of other ones that suit the type of activities you wish to do.

Whether it be surfing, yoga, or ultimate speed from racing boards... We have it!


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