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5 Reasons Why We Love Red Paddle Co

5 Reasons Why We Love Red Paddle Co

Red Paddle Co is the world’s number one inflatable SUP brand. Here’s what makes their boards unbeatable.

1. The Best Warranty in the Industry

Red Paddle Co’s Boards are built to last and have an incredibly low warranty rate. 

From 2022 onwards, all Red Paddle Co boards come with a 5 year warranty upon registration against any manufacturing defects. 

2. Quality Comes as a Standard

They are the only inflatable SUP brand to make boards in their own, private facility using the most innovative materials, and pioneering manufacturing techniques. They test their kit rigorously (they’ve once ran over their boards with a tractor – it was fine) to make sure it performs when you need it to most. meaning that we have complete control over the design process and no other board comes close.

3. Exclusive MSL Technology

Exclusive to Red Paddle Co, MSL is recognised as the industry’s leading construction process. Adding MSL to their TecAir manufacturing process makes all the boards more durable and ensures they perform better. The multiple-layer coating of Red Paddle Co boards is tough and durable, while MSL boards also have a reassuring lightweight feel.

4. Responsible & Sustainable

They’re at the leading edge of progressing outdoor circular products as part of their efforts to be more environmentally responsible. The foundation of their design philosophy is to deliver creative and responsible design which embodies Circular Economy principles – designing out waste and keeping products in use for as long as possible. Their board production facility is now 100% waste free, and they always try and use more responsible materials.


From the Titan II pump that will get you to the right pressure in half the time, to the ridiculously robust ATB transformer bag you can transport with ease.

These aren’t just ‘nice-to-haves’, these are important pieces of kit which can make or break your paddle. With a Red you can be confident you’ll have everything you need from the get-go.