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Fraud Alert

10 May 2024

Statement on Fraudulent Website 

APA Outdoor Shop would like to alert its customers and the general public to a fraudulent website, which purported to be from APA Outdoor Shop. The fraudulent website address is as follows:


In an attempt to mislead customers, the fraudulent website will appear under different domain names or with slight modifications or variations of the official website address.

APA Outdoor Shop declares that it has no connection with the aforesaid fraudulent website, email and phishing SMS messages. Meanwhile, the case has been reported to the Hong Kong Police Force. 

Customers are advised to access their accounts by typing the website address of APA Outdoor Shop (https://www.apaoutdoorshop.com) directly into the browser address bar. Customers should not access such accounts or provide personal information (including passwords) through hyperlinks, QR codes or attachments embedded in SMS messages, emails or on websites. APA Outdoor Shop will update the fraud alerts on the website from time to time. For details, please visit https://www.apaoutdoorshop.com/pages/fraud-alert

Anyone who has logged into the aforesaid fraudulent website and provided their information should immediately contact our Hotline at (852) 3153 4091.