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Stand Up Paddle(SUP) Boards


Types of SUP boards


Our best selling paddle board, our all-round Ride boards are a great option for beginners but are equally as fun and versatile for more experienced paddlers looking for easy-access, all-round adventures, especially if you have extra passengers with you. Our Ride boards are incredibly tough and stable, performing well in a variety of conditions and waterways.


They range from 9 – 11ft in length and are wider (32”- 34”) and slightly thinner (4” – 4.7”) than their touring counterparts to deliver a more stable paddling experience, great for multi-person paddling too. If you want a family board to that will serve you well for years to come – look no further.



Half the size means double the adventure! The flagship of Red innovation, our Compact boards push the boundaries of what an inflatable board can be… Unique to Red, the Compact design is a patented technology that utilises our MSL PACT material that makes paddling more convenient and more accessible than ever before as these boards pack down incredibly small whilst still delivering unrivalled performance.


Our Compact boards combine the convenience of an all-in-one package with the high performance and stylish features that Red Paddle Co boards are famous for. These boards are ideal for paddlers who want a lightweight solution to travel and explore without limitation! For those in the know, these are our some of our most coveted boards.


If you’re heading off on a multi-day trip or are just looking to go a bit further with a heap of kit, these are the boards for you. Its increased length and thickness compared to an all-round board make it an ideal board for cruising through longer outings, and our patented RSS system offers unrivalled stiffness.


The extra length also means it can easily handle a child or dog on the front while you paddle, and you can use the extensive cargo areas for camping or picnic gear. You’ll feel extra confident paddling out on these boards, knowing that it offers enhanced performance and stability in all conditions. The Red Voyager boards also benefit from our innovative V-hull, meaning you will glide through the water like never before.


Built for speed, and performance, the Red Sport inflatable paddle boards are the drop-top roadster of the Red Paddle Co range. Ideal for paddlers looking to up their paddling game - perfect to progress onto from an all-round board, like the Red 10'6” Ride.


The Red Sports SUP range has been designed with a focus on speed and dynamic performance. The sleek shape and the drawn-out nose gives maximum glide across the water, meaning you can paddle further for longer. You’ll be amazed how much further you can go and how much quicker verses other inflatable boards. Plus, our better than ever RSS battens which are unique to Red will keep your board super stiff.



Types of SUP boards